Presented by Leading Saints & Faith Matters
Presented by Leading Saints & Faith Matters

Helping Latter-Day Saints Understand the Complexities of Being a Single Adult in our Faith Community

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Finding Belonging with God
Lori Newbold
General Young Women Council
Sexuality & Single Saints
Jared Hawkins
Assoc. Marriage & Family Therapist
Finding God's Grace in an Unexpected Life
Kathy Varga
Mesa, AZ
Building Zion
Rebecca Russavage
Washington DC
I'm a Single Adult Too
Logan Steele
Salt Lake City, UT
Thriving as a Single Saint
Ben Schilaty
Understanding the Single Saint Experience
Jessica Johnson
Leading Saints Board Member
The Doctrine Related to Being Single
Michael Goodman
BYU Professor
Finding Healing from Christ in Divorce
Reg Christensen

Leading Young Single Adults
Rob Ferrell
Former YSA Stake President
Kurt Francom
Executive Director of Leading Saints
Tim & Aubrey Chaves
Hosts of the Faith Matters Podcast
Helping Single Adults Grow & Thrive
Terri Flint, PhD
Park City, UT
Relationship OCD
Paul Peterson
Social Worker
When the Ideal Circumstance isn't the Real Circumstance
Melanie Cox
The Leader's Role in a Ward Member's Divorce
Noelle McBride

More Speakers Still to Come...

Over half of the church membership is single, divorced, or widowed. That means millions of members around the world may be feeling isolated and alone in a church where the focus on the family is so central to doctrine and everyday teachings.

This summit helps members of the church understand the struggles single members face so they can better “minister to the one” and have a deeper connection with the single saints in their congregations.
As part of our baptismal covenants, we promise to bear others’ burdens mourn with those that mourn, comfort those in need of comfort.

The Single Saints Summit is a collection of over 15 powerful sessions to teach leaders how to connect with, minister to, and lead the single saints of the church.

Listen as presenters of all backgrounds share their experiences as single saints, or leaders to single saints, and learn how to navigate the doctrine of the family as an unmarried member of the church.

What You'll Learn During the Summit

Noelle McBride

Author of Beauty for Ashes: Divorce and the Latter-Day Saint Woman
The Leader's Role in a Ward Member's Divorce
  •  Finding healing from the grieving process of divorce
  • Concepts to consider and questions that leaders can ask to help someone going through a divorce
  • The doctrine of forgiveness when it comes to divorce

Jessica Johnson

Leading Saints Board Member
Understanding the Single Saint Experience

  • 3 steps to helping single adults feel more welcome in our wards
  • How comments with the best of intentions can hurt
  • Discovering our blind spots in relation to single adults

Michael Goodman

BYU Professor
The Doctrine Related to Being Single
  • What do we know and not know about being single in the next life?
  • What have prophets said the doctrine of eternal marriage?
  • Common doctrinal misconceptions about being single and married

Kathy Varga

Former Relief Society President
Finding God's Grace in an Unexpected Life
  •  Being a friend, not a servant to single adults
  • ​How can we help single adults avoid expectations and embrace grace?
  • How to recognize disenfranchised grief that many single adults experience

Ben Schilaty

Thriving as a Single Saint

  • Welcoming single adults into the Body of Christ
  • Inviting single adults to be a part of our family
  • Understanding the unique abilities that single adults can offer to our faith community

Summit Roster

May 18

Jacob Hess PhD - Hope for Mental Health Recovery
Geoff Steurer - How Connection Can Improve Your Mental Health

May 19

Dr. David T. Morgan - Anxiety Management Using Gospel Principles
Dr. Kevin Lash - Children with ADHD

May 20

Jody Moore - Youth & Mental Health
Chyna Hopkins - Setting Christlike Boundaries

May 21

Jeffrey Reber, PhD - Overcoming Perfectionism
Steve Shields - Understanding the Impact of Trauma

May 22-23

Bonnie Young, Tim & Aubrey Chaves - Panel Interview about Scrupulosity

May 24

Dr. Margaret Rutherford - Perfectly Hidden Depression
Thomas McConkie - From Mindfulness to Heartfulness

May 25

Sam Baxter - How as a Bishop I’ve learned to better recognize religious based OCD 
Shayden Bertagnolli - How to "Behold" Those You Lead in a More Focused & Deeper Way

May 26

Doug Nielsen - Men & Mental Health
Garrett Kroon - Teenage Mental Health

May 27

Jennifer Roach & Nick Gallieti - Co-dependent Saints
Becky Kemp - Discover The Word Effect: How to Create Your Most Beautiful Life 

May 28

Tony Overbay - Acceptance Doesn't Mean Apathy
Jeffrey Denning - Supporting Those Who Suffer — A Crash Course on Crisis Negotiation

May 29-31

Georgia Anderson - Self Awareness and the Seed of God Within
Dr. Melissa Smith - Leading Saints to Safe Harbor through Better Mental Health
Jane Clayson Johnson - Silent Souls Weeping

June 1

Kurt Francom - The Power of Love, Acceptance, & Covenants
Julie Hardle - Bipolar Disorder

June 2

All Sessions Available for 24 Hours

(Order of Presenters Subject to Change)

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